Seema Kohli

Seema Kohli, an internationally acclaimed makeup artist, Her artistry transcends borders, leaving admirers spellbound. As a captivating TEDx speaker, she shares wisdom and insight, A visionary educator, empowering others to unlock their beauty’s might.

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Urban Makeup Studio

At the Beauty Salon, we believe in beauty with a conscience. We have crafted a sanctuary that provides top-tier hair services while prioritizing the well-being of the environment, our esteemed clientele, and our dedicated staff.

Our salon exudes sustainability, as evidenced by its design and construction. We’ve meticulously curated recycled materials, such as reclaimed wood sourced from a local grain elevator, which not only adds character but also minimizes our environmental footprint. Furthermore, our fixtures and furnishings are predominantly refurbished or original vintage pieces, embodying our commitment to upcycling and preserving history.

At the Beauty Salon, every strand styled is a step towards a more beautiful and sustainable future.

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